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In close collaboration with the Ukrainian institutions, the Musée du Louvre is holding an exhibition on Johann Georg Pinsel, a major sculptor from the baroque period who was active during the mid-18th century in Galicia, the western part of the country, which was Polish territory at the time.

The exhibition draws mainly from the collections of the Pinsel museum in Lviv, with loans from other museums in Galicia, Poland (Wroclaw) and Munich. Around thirty of the artist’s most magnificent sculptures, mainly wood (some with polychrome or gilding), will be on display. Pinsel’s highly brilliant style, similar to that of the great sculptors from the golden age of Germanic baroque, depicts an esthetic rarely found in France.

The artist stands out from his contemporaries by his distinctive personality: demonstrative, extraverted technique, pronounced expressiveness, and a highly personal characterization of drapery.

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